Standing Screens & Room Dividers

Please remember to offer your clients dividers for CoVid 19 compliance. Creating a divider between people, desks or areas with AcoustiX is very straight forward. There are two main options:

Hang a screen from the ceiling

Stand a screen on the floor

When hanging a screen one would have to consider what fixing options you would like to utilise. Take into account that an entire sheet of AcoustiX is 2440 X 1220 X 9mm and weighs only 4.5kg. The chances of your hanging screen being of that entire dimension is most unlikely, so hanging these panels is not difficult.

If you wish to use a floor standing screen, due to the height and in order to maintain rigidity, the material would need to be 18mm thick. As per this picture you will see that we have laminated 9mm of light green AcoustiX to 9mm of Charcoal AcoustiX. However, clients can choose any combination of colours or go with a monochrome look and we will laminate for you.

Please look at our Screens and Brackets page for standard sizes or feel free to ask us to quote on customised sizes and colour combinations.

The creative ways that you can screen off areas are limitless.