Bla Bla Box

The Bla Bla Boxes are made from AcoustiX material.  This noise absorbing material makes it ideal to have a quiet conversation in noisy environments such as factories, noisy reception areas, airports, train stations, shopping malls, trade shows, hotel receptions and other public areas (indoors and outdoors) the location of these boxes are endless.

The noise absorption properties of the material provides a more private conversation between you and the person on the phone.


The Bla Bla boxes can be custom designed to fit in with your current work space or the centre piece.  The Bla Bla Boxes are supplied with the standard “Bla Bla Bla” design however it can easily be replaced with a company logo or a unique design; in addition we offer a solid colour option as well as multi-coloured option.

Bla Bla Box standard sizing

815 X 800mm 730 X 800mm 700 X 800mm

Custom widths can be made on request.

Bla Bla Box features:

Colours Available:

Charcoal BZ03 White BZ07 Blue BZ27
Yellow BZ05 Red BZ 08 Orange BZ 46
Navy BZ19 Apple Green BZ51 Light Green BZ43
Beige BZ12 Light Grey BZ11

The Bla Bla Box logo is standard on the side, in any colour combination or all one colour.
Addition of a logo or other inserts are available.