AcoustiX Safety Screens

Your open work space has been great for collaboration but now with Corona virus it is also important to prevent the spread.  

AcoustiX screens can help you do this and with this desktop interlocking system that does not require the additional cost of brackets or specialised fitment, it couldn’t be easier.  To be even safer, at the end of the day, spray with disinfectant and leave it to impregnate.

For added protection required due to CoVid 19 we have made the height 600mm above desk height. When the virus is over, we have included a slit so that you can take a straight rule and a craft knife and cut the screens 200mm across the bottom, so that they are more sociable height of 400mm.


It is important at this time to prevent the spread of germs by placing sneeze guard screens between employees. Creating your own safety work spaces.  This interlocking screen system requires no tools and no maintenance or installment team to erect these screens,  you can make space for one employee or many, it is limitless.  Supplied flat packed, it is light weight making it easy to courier. This interlocking screen system is customisable to your company’s needs, build it as you see fit. 


Pieces to choose from:

Our Lego like modular screens come in 3 main sizes 1200, 1400 & 1600mm X 600mm desk width. Each of these will need 2 sides 600mm X 600mm. As you need to grow your screen set, you only order the parts that you need. (If you need customised sizes, they are available on quotation)   

Build your screen sets as small or a large as you need

Should you no longer wish to have screens, you can easily cut them down into a straight rectangles and bond them to the walls, with contact adhesive where it can be utilised as pinboards.  Created with the AcoustiX material, it also provides excellent sound absorbing properties.  Take a peak at our photo library for any creative decor ideas.

Available colour options:

AcoustiX material properties: