Portable Safety Screens


According to the labour regulations in the latest Government gazette, the government is insisting that we need to have a distance of 1.5m between us and our fellow colleagues or  students or have a physical barrier between us. BUDGET is often a huge concern. It couldn’t be easier to conform to this new legislation when sharing facing desks with the AcoustiX foldable screen.

These foldable, albeit portable, safety barriers come in 2 heights (400 and 600mm). Depending on your seated height and whether you have to see past it or not.

AcoustiX fold-able screens can help achieve safety that does not require the additional cost of brackets or specialised fitment. It couldn’t be easier.

To be even safer, at the end of the day, spray with disinfectant and leave it to impregnate.

There is a left and right porthole accommodating computer and charging cables to fit below the screen.


Carry it home by the handles or if it belongs to the company, library, lecture hall, class room, training room or whichever space, hook it up on a peg on the wall or leave it in place.


Available colour options:

AcoustiX properties: