Bizz drawer with stationery

Get your desk in order by organising your drawers to have the
essentials close by without clogging up your work space.

The BIZZ DRAWER is the ultimate desk drawer organiser, it is designed to contain all the small office supplies in one place, everything is compartmentalised to easily locate the item you are looking for.

The BIZZ DRAWER specifications:
400mm runner

Fitted to 364mm ID carcass or 380mm ID carcass
Injection moulded
Central Locking 


BV DRAWER Specifications:
Predrilled for facia 450 runner

364mm ID carcass
Manufactured from recycled ABS plastic
Built in central locking


Varta drawer

VARTA DRAWER Specifications:
Predrilled for facia 570mm runner
380mm ID carcass
Manufactured from recycled ABS plastic


PENCLI TRAY Specifications:

The Pencil tray is available in small, medium and large.

Fits perfectly widthways into BV and Varta drawers.

Manufactured from high density styrene.

The Pencil tray is a compact solution to store small office supplies in a neat and organised manner.  


Plastic filing frame for hanging files

Constantly using the same files but need a filing solution that keeps your desk or office neat and tidy?

CDS Plastics has designed a small, light-weight, durable solution that allows you to store your files close by without the need to purchase a stationary filing cabinet.