Height Adjustable Frame

Rize tables is able to raise and lower the desk top to suit all heights and projects.

Rize table features:

  • Adjustable rails – tube profiles
  • Hand control up / down +4 positions memory height display
  • Adustable feet
  • Available in white, silver and black


Height of work surface: 650 – 1300 [mm] with top plate 30mm; stroke 500 mm
Frame: steel, powder coated
Recommended table sizes: depth 600 – 800, lenght 1200 – 2000 [mm]
Power: 230V AC, standby consumption 0,3W
Speed: 40mm/s, Super Soft-Start-Stop
Drive: synchronized motors with microprocessor control, thermal sensor
Noise level: < 50dB
Lifting power: 100 kg (distributed load)
Intelligent System Protection: anti-collision system
Column: 3 profiles 60/60; 50/50; 40/40 [mm]
Feet: 750x65x30 – with level adjustment
Standards: ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3
Directives: 2006/95EC, UL 508:1999, UL 1004 R705:1994, WE DC 2004/108/WE