Yep – its official – we are over the worst – no not really – we have to replace depleted inventory and get used to the idea of doing some work. But at least there is a light at the end of the tunnelThis is always a good time to strategise for the future and to brainstorm. Remember “when times get tough, the tough get busy”.

We at CDS always welcome new ideas and product suggestions

We are your partners. Let us all work together!

  • Suppliers of Plastic drawers and accessories
  • Height adjustors and table levelers
  • Fold up table self leveling systems
  • 35mm and 22mm edging Cable management systems
  • Decorative cabinet handles and furniture castors
  • Flat screen computer monitor arms
  • Various desk components—brackets, plates and corner protective covers
  • Cable outlets Leg fittings

  • We have managed to keep price increases to the bare minimum and for 15 straight months were able to hold prices stable
  • We continue to provide top notch service
  • We continue to invest in new ideas and products
  • We continue to believe in our customer s and the need to give them all the support that we can


CDS Plastics Newsletter - Summer 2010


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